Property Management Services in Whistler

The AceHost Brand

At AceHost, we strive to build trust and longevity with homeowners. Property management can be a time consuming and costly feat, especially when one is new to the industry. AceHost's rental expertise and quality assurance offers a solution to homeowners, yielding hassle-free and profitable property rental income.

Luxury Is Our Focus

We specialize in managing luxury homes in Whistler. From smaller condos to luxurious multi-million dollar homes, we deliver first-rate property management for a wide range of homes. AceHost focuses on accommodating luxury homes with full service guest management and cleans, while offering VIP Concierge services, giving homeowners peace of mind in knowing that their home is being looked after with diligence and care.

Our Relationships

Our value driver is creating meaningful and lasting relationships with homeowners. We've established a business model that relies on clear and frequent communication. Though we are home to Whistler, we have instilled confidence in homeowners has expanded our services to The United States, The United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, and Mexico. We offer a hands-off experience for homeowners both locally, but also overseas.

Why Choose AceHost?

The AceHost Team

Our boutique and professional team has over 15 years of experience in luxury hospitality. AceHost’s refined industry knowledge and high guest & homeowner retention rates set us apart from our competitors. After just over 3 years of business, we can confidently say that we are the fastest growing luxury vacation rental management company in Whistler.

Listing & Marketing Strategies

We are not your average Airbnb management company. Our elevated marketing strategies give homeowners access to additional exposure:

Airbnb Super Host Status

VRBO Premier Status

Strong relationships with thousands of High-End Travel Agents & Partners

• High Google Search Ranking - AceHost ranks high on google search for travels and their agents. Benefit in additional bookings by having your home listed on our site.

Access to a vast network of Returning Guests - Because of the level of service we provide, we have many returning guests looking to book the same or other properties through us. Increase your bookings by offering your home to our loyal returning travellers.

• Ad Spending on numerous platforms (no cost to owner)

Social Media Presence

• Referrals and Introductions from locals and local businesses

Returning Guest Satisfaction

Homeowners can benefit from AceHost’s portfolio of returning guests. Our services go above and beyond at no cost to travellers, ensuring that trusted customer base has consistently had their expectations exceeded. We believe in building long term relationships with guests and using their feedback to understand how we can improve their next visit to Whistler. Referrals from past guests who have experienced AceHost hospitality contribute to our growing network of new customers.

Hands-Off Homeowner Experience

We reduce homeowner responsibilities by creating a hands-off rental experience where we take care of all aspects of guest accommodation. AceHost takes an individual approach with property check-ins, check-outs, sweeps for damage, familiarizing guests with each home to ensure that their stay is comfortable.

Property Care

Property care is of upmost priority at AceHost. We carefully inspect all properties before guest arrival and after their departure. Under our supervision, our teams of professional housekeepers are committed to providing a high-quality standard of cleanliness. We regularly visit our homes to ensure that everything is in working order and ready for guest arrival.

Rental Flexibility

We understand that rental flexibility is important to homeowners. Depending on homeowner preference, AceHost can adapt to homeowner calendars on year-round basis, seasonally, or for select dates. We are happy to create a personally-curated property rental schedule that works for you and your family.

VIP Concierge Services

Our luxury hospitality services offer a well curated stay for all guests, ensuring that their Whistler experience is comfortable and entertaining. Our high-end homes are typically staffed with hosts and chefs, giving homeowners a peace of mind that their home is looked after. Included Concierge Services help increase bookings and increase the likelihood of recurring bookings from past guests.

Investment Property Consultations

Are you looking to buy an investment rental property in Whistler? It can be difficult to choose a location for your short term rental property in Whistler, as there are a wide range of neighbourhoods all offering different benefits. At AceHost, we provide one-on-one property consultations to ensure that you are choosing the best luxury property for your needs and investment goals. Whether you want a ski-in ski-out feature, closer proximity to the village, questions about bedrooms, or specific home amenities such as a hot tub or spa facilities, AceHost’s knowledge of luxury investment homes can offer a wide selection of homes.

We are more than happy to introduce you to our favourite, honest, and hard working local realtors. We will also give you estimates on rental income based on the property, location, bedroom layout etc... We will also give you ideas on what you can do to improve your home to appeal to a larger audience of guests, allowing you to increase your rates, earn more income, and provide more value to your guests.

We are in the business and we know it well. We can help!

Next Steps?

Contact Us

Contact us today.

In the meantime, please send us any videos or photos you have of your property, along with some basic information. Ex. Bedroom layout, bathrooms, your rental preferences, etc...

Not sure if your property is zoned for nightly rentals? Send us your address and we can help find out for you.

Book a meeting | Show us your home!

At AceHost we carefully select properties for our portfolio that will appeal to our network of global guests. We would love to see your home and help with any necessary advice or recommendations with regards to home improvements, staging, supplying, etc...

Property Assessment & Strategy

We will assess your property, suggest optimal nightly rental rates and provide a personalized marketing strategy.

Join the AceHost Team

Call, email, or meet in-person to discuss the terms of your contract.

Welcome to the AceHost team! We will arrange a professional photographer and handle all subsequent rentals, guests, cleaning teams, payout information, etc...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits working with acehost?

Increased Revenue Through Online Marketing and Online Networking
Working with AceHost will benefit your sales and bottom line. We will market your property efficiently through various digital channels and, as a result, your page will get more clicks, more bookings, and higher sales. We use numerous booking platforms, travel agents globally, and returning AceHost guests in order to maximize bookings.

All-Inclusive Service
Hiring us means you don’t have to worry about anything related to renting out your property. We take care of guest communications, cleanings, and any problems that may arise. When a tenant calls us late at night, we will solve the issue for you. In addition, we ensure that your home is well maintained and that house rules are followed. Simply sit back, let us take care of renting out your home, and reap the rewards.
*We understand that some owners prefer to be more involved than others, so we are willing to be flexible with our structure.

Guest Relations/Check In, Check Out
Here at AceHost, guest relationships are important to us. For most bookings, we meet guests upon arrival and show them the layout of your home, home functions, and rules. Each time a guest leaves, we assess your property for damages, and make sure cleaners thoroughly prepare the space for the next guest.

Influencer Marketing

We have a very strong presence on social media and Instagram. Through this, we have made strong connections with influencers and celebrities. By being a client of AceHost, you will benefit from this type of marketing we do at no cost. Optional to include your home in marketing exchanges, but either way you will benefit from our network.

What management fee do you charge?
Our unique approach allows us to offer some of the most competitive rates in Whistler. Please contact us for exact rates as they depend on factors such as your type of property, rental preferences, length of contract etc…
can i rent my property with acehost?

Yes! Whistler has its own set of unique zoning and land restrictions, Acehost will work with you to work out an effective and profitable rental agreement that falls within your zoning phase.

There are three different zoning phases, designated to each property.

Phase 1) Most common phase between the three restrictions, and most flexible for home owners. Phase 1 permits  owners to occupy their unit year-round and on a nightly or monthly basis.

Phase 2)  Usually designated for hotel type of properties that have owner usage limitations. Owners are permitted to use their properties for 28 days in the summer, and 28 days in the winter. The remainder of the time, the unit must be made available for nightly rentals. Owners may be able to use their units for short term bookings beyond the 56 day limit if the complex’s occupancy rate is less than 80%.

Phase 3 or Residential Phase: You own it, you can use it as much as you want, and you can rent it out (only on a long-term basis, 60days+).

Any Other Questions?